StoryCorps Animation "Q & A"

Q & A  by the Rauch Bros.

In February 2006, I took my son Joshua for a one on one day in New York City. Besides a visit to Nintendo World and Mars 2112, we decided to go to the StoryCorps booth in Grand Central Station. On the train ride on the way in, I handed him my writer's notebook and asked him to write down 10 questions he wanted to ask me. I shut the book without looking at them when he handed it back, so when he asked the questions in the booth, my answers were totally unguarded and from the heart. 

The last question he asks is so incredibly profound for a 12 year old, and amazingly enough, it's not one of the ones he'd written down. To me, it's the one that we all want to know from our parents, but most of us are too inhibited and guarded to ask. It takes an unfiltered 12 year old with Asperger's Syndrome to take us straight to the heart of the matter. Straight to the heart of WHAT REALLY MATTERS to a child. 

I'm a huge fan of StoryCorps and urge you all to visit the booth and interview someone you love. There's something magical about being in that enclosed, quiet space together. 

NEW! JUNE 2017: There’s a StoryCorps podcast with an update since Josh graduated college (!!!) Check it out  - Episode 503, The Son You Wanted. 

Visit StoryCorps to make a reservation. 


Sarah and Josh Feb 2006

at the StoryCorps booth

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