Fairest of them All color comp

SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL: "A delightful novel for fans of fairy tales, Project Runway, and tween drama.”

BOOKLIST: With reference to various fairy tales and more than a few princess movies, this breezy, funny novel is a must-read for any princess-loving kid. It's easy to love a princess book whose main character wants to be successful on her own merits, but mix in call-outs and allusions to well-loved stories, and this is a dream come true for fans of Shannon Hale's Princess Academy and Melissa de la Cruz's Isle of the Lost.

Aria Thibault—Sleeping Beauty’s daughter—finds herself plagued by a curse of her own during a big design competition, and she must rely on ancient advice and help from her mother in order to break the spell in this spellbinding follow-up to Charmed, I’m Sure.

Aria Thibault absolutely loves anything and everything to do with the design world. But sewing and needles are a particularly touchy subject for Aria’s family—especially her mother, Sleeping Beauty. You know, the woman who pricked her finger on a spinning wheel needle and fell asleep for a really long time. Because of that little incident, Aria’s parents are uber-protective, and not too happy that their daughter’s passion involves lots and lots of sharp objects.

When the opportunity comes up for Aria to compete in a once-in-a-lifetime junior design competition, Aria decides enough is enough. With a few little white lies and a clever distraction, Aria finds herself auditioning to be a part of the competition—and she is in her element. But during a frantic challenge, Aria’s needle goes missing. And after borrowing one from a fellow competitor, Aria finds herself under a very inconvenient—and mysterious—spell. Can Aria figure out who would want to sabotage her—and find a way to win?

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