Eating Disorder Resources


When I was living in rural England and suffering from bulimia , the Internet was a lifeline of support and information.

One site that I found particularly helpful was Something Fishy

Other useful links are:

National Eating Disorders Association

Mirror Mirror

Counseling Corner: Feeding the Mind of ED Sufferers

National Institute of Mental Health

Center for Disease Control


Someday Melissa

Bulimia Resource Guide

University Maryland Medical Center

Psych Central

Elisabeth, from Germany, is starting a new social networking self-help site for people trying to overcome bulimia (no pro-people please!). 


Mayo Clinic


Here's a list of books that I found really helpful in terms of understanding the causes of eating disorders and learning to overcoming them:

The Body Project - An Intimate History of American Girls by Joan Jacobs Brumberg. I found this book particularly fascinating because it traces the changes in emphasis from developing a girl's character to her looks over the last century. I would read this book in a mother-daughter book club with my daughter at some point. There's so much for discussion. 

The Body Betrayed - A Deeper Understanding of Women, Eating Disorders, and Treatment by Kathryn J. Zerbe, MD

The Disappearing Girl - Learning the Language of Teenage Depression by Dr Lisa Machoian

<gaining> the truth about life after eating disorders by Aimee Liu

The Secret Language of Eating Disorders - by Peggy Claude-Pierre


Most of the web sites listed above have resources for finding treatment. I received treatment at The Wilkins Center for Eating Disorders, an outpatient facility in Greenwich, CT, run by the truly inspirational Dr. Diane Mickley.


Young, Male, Straight - and Anorexic - Great piece by Snowden White about his experiences dealing with anorexia. This isn't just a "girl disease". 

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